Don't take it personally when people say things to get under your skin.

It's not personal.

No matter who's standing on the X (i.e., in the line of fire), the person firing is going to say/do what they are going to say/do. Without regard as to who is on the X.

At all times, we have total and complete control ourselves and our reactions to what other people do. So when we choose to respond or behave in a certain manner, that is what we wanted to do. That decision occurs in our minds based on our own life story. It has nothing to do with anyone else.

And while the decision to act/speak is based on our personal preference and experience... it has nothing to do with the other person's preferences and/or experiences.

Life is full of opportunities to get this twisted up... and to unwind it.

Face it. Speak it. For-give it. Re-lease it.

Have an awe-sum day!

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