Favor isn't fair, but it is just.

Sometimes when you are out doing what you've been called to do, people get a feeling about you and just want to do something nice. You didn't earn it, but it came to you anyway. Say thank you and accept it.

You may not have earned it, but you do deserve it. You were formed in God's perfect image, beautifully and wonderfully made. And when you walk in His will all things work together for you, even the uncomfortable and "bad" stuff.

Discomfort pushes us to keep moving when we would rather quit. Ugly things engender compassion and empathy so that we treat others better and become more loving in the spirit. Both things bring us closer to Him who created us.

Thankful for this time in the island sun, refueling my jets and enjoying the grace of the Father. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

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