Our children are stronger than we give them credit for.

Of their entire day interacting with people - other adults, caretakers, and children ranging from a large young to old - we may only learn of 10% of what they actually experience.

Our children hear things, do things, and speak things that we will never know about. Just as we hear things, do things, and speak things we never share with others.

Sometimes the "things" are small or inconsequential, they are negative, they are untrue, or they just don't register as being worthy of sharing. Our children filter things the same way.

And yet they are fine.

As our children grow, they need our protection less. They are strong, and will become independent adults. Our job is to share honest perspectives of our life experiences, wisdom and knowledge gained, and unconditional love. From their, our children will refine their own way of navigating the world. They are prepared and ready to do so because of your wonderful love.

Pat yourself of the back, let them go, and know that they are "all good".

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