Vacation is necessary.

Your mind needs time to vacate (get rid of) old ideas to make way for new ones.

Your body needs the opportunity to release stress and anxiety, so it may heal and be ready to perform optimally for you.

Your emotions need space to just be... no hijacking, no peaks and valleys, just peace-filled rest.

You don't need to spend a ton of money or time on vacay... but you need to do it often and in joy.

I'm in Jamaica enjoying my vacation time. Let me hear from you what you're planning for your next vacay!

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Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell
over 1 year

@Billie Crutcher daycations are awesome and I love Vegas!

Billie Crutcher
over 1 year

We are headed on a anniversary cruise next month. I have to look again yo see where we are going, I just know we fly to Miami. get on the ship and we are outta here. Vegas later in the year and the mountains soon. Enjoy! Also I take mini vacay but they are daycations.šŸ˜