Moving between fear and conviction can be a hard thing to determine.

You know that you're moving in fear when you silence your inner voice.

You're moving in conviction when you follow the guidance of that quiet voice in your heart, no matter how crazy it seems.

Today is February 5th, the dead winter, and yet this daisy is in full bloom. It knows to come when it gets warm. And it shares its beauty and natural charm no matter that the season for blooming has not begun.

The daisy understands that it is always a good time to come out and do what it was meant to do. Bloom. No matter whether it is February or April.

It also understands that even if it comes too early it will have another opportunity to come again.

The same principles apply to our lives. No matter what we do or when we move, it is always the right time when we listen to the God within. All things are working for our good.

Now get out there and be convicted as you blossoms come in!

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