Don't put everything behind you.

There are some really cool things you've done, people you've helped, thoughts you've conceived, and experiences you've created. You definitely want to remember those because they are most consistent with your original beINg.

That's not a typo.

You are In this life to Be. Be prosperous, be successful, be happy, be healthy, be... Who You Are.

This photo was taken at the first Vision Board party I led six years ago. Each of the women pictured have done the amazing with their lives. They founded businesses, have been featured in magazines, have served hundreds of people through service and professional organizations, interviewed celebrities, and loved and helped other people do the same.

And it all started because I stepped up and faced my fears of putting forth a new and different way of completing a vision board.

Move forward with the thing that you think is holding you back, holding you up.

You've got this!

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