How you feel is not who you are.

Your feelings change from minute to minute all day long. Depending on what someone says, does, or does not do or say, our emotions ride rollercoasters most of the time.

But who you are is a constant. Who you are is greatness fulfilled. Who you are is wonder-filled. Who you are is awe-mazing. That is what it is. It's the same on both sides of the equation. The only thing that changes is what you DO or don't do with it.

Are you going to choose to do the spectacular? Will you rise up and be the fantabulous? It all begins and ends in your mind, a decision to push beyond the fears of limitation, lack, and undeservedness.

You have no limits. You have more than enough. You deserve good because you were born good. What you decide to do with that is the variable in you life equation. So make it big and make it count!

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Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell
over 1 year

@Billie Crutcher yes you are! đŸ’•

Billie Crutcher
over 1 year

Yes, ma'am I am.