"Power is both ability and desire. You must have both to be successful."

Heightened AQ (aggregate intelligence) tempers ambition so that we use our God given power and authority wisely. Wisdom is a shield against hubris, shepherds compassion, and rewards patience - all things required to make true power effective to achieve our greatest ambitions and highest thoughts of ourselves.

I know because there was a time when I did not use wisdom in running my businesses. And although successful, I had to trade that success for my health. Stage 4 endometriosis was the result of trying to do everything without waiting for the guidance and wisdom to do the best thing. I had power, but I also had a lot of days in the hospital.

It was not until I learned to face my fears of isolation, which always drove me to work to be the best in the room, that I learned to use my power - not just for my own good, but for that of those around me.

Thank you LillieMae for gracing me on the back cover of #power20magazine and allowing me to share my story. Read my feature at https://issuu.com/power20mag/docs/december_power20_magazine___10_/22 .

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