One of the hardest crowds to present to is family.

They know who you "are" and demand authenticity always.

My family also loves and supports you, creating and maintaining the space to do so.

I walked into my aunt and uncle's house yesterday, and the first thing I heard was, "Where's my book?! And I'm paying for it, so don't try to sneak it it!"

They know me. I had indeed brought copies of my book "Knocked Down, Set Straight", and was going to place them discreetly in their Christmas gift bags to be discovered later.

Sharing one's work with family, people who have seen the entire transformation, can be scary... but it's necessary to do it anyway.

Face the fear. Call it by its name. Forgive and release it so you may move on.

I brought in copies of my book. I accepted the payment for it from my family. I forgave myself for trying to slip it past them. And I #eclipsethefear.

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