Most people want to be rich, but are you ready to do the work?

Here are the 12 things you must master if you want to get and stay wealthy - in mind, body, and soul - according to Napoleon Hill in the international best seller 'Think and Grow Rich".

1. Desire - you've gotta want it. If you want it, then you can achieve it, otherwise you'd never desire it. It's motive to act. Are you willing to burn the bride behind you for it.

2. Faith - state of mind created by auto suggestion (affirmations and visualized achievement). Keep doing it until the thought becomes a fact in the subconscious.

3. Auto suggestion - write the goal, and in a quiet place daily, see self having achieved the goal.

4. Specialized knowledge - must learn all you can about your topic and associate with people who know your business well (Mastermind group).

5. Imagination - must be able to conceive and believe before you can achieve. Think of changes that can be made in your industry, how things can be improved and when.

6. Organized planning - must be definite and practical. Will need people to help (Mastermind alliance). What am I to offer the group? Twice a week meetings.

7. Decision - must master procrastination. Must decide promptly and change slowly. When you make up your mind, stay with it. Keep your own counsel except for your Mastermind group.

8. Persistence - the power of Will. Keep going no matter what, especially when things get bad. Habit!

9. Power of the Mastermind - two or more people. Stimulation of your mind by thinking with others. Pick people you respect and work hard.

10. Enthusiasm - have someone to love and encourage you.

11. Subconscious mind - use it by holding in that space the vision of you accomplishing that thing.

12. Brain - most powerful machine in the universe that is yours to use to deliver whatever you want.

13. Sixth sense - the creative imagination. Meditation and serious self examination expand and increase its power. Keep fear out of your mind to ensure this area continues to grow.

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Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell
over 1 year

Absolutely šŸ‘

Billie Crutcher
over 1 year

Every last one of these involves the mindset. Thanks for sharing.