I had the pleasure of hearing Rev. Burnetta Nelson last year at the National Association of Women Owned Small Business Pink Procurement Conference. At it, Rev. Nelson shared that "sometimes you have to go THROUGH some stuff to get TO some stuff." I'm going to share those 10 things live 2nd December 2019 7PM EST. Here's a summary so you know the good stuff to come:

1. Be a great mind.
2. Be strengthened when you learn new things.
3. Partner and ask for support.
4. Speak your truth in all ways.
5. Speak definitely.
6. Focus on what you want (not what you don't want).
7. No one stops you but you.
8. Transform defeat into the feat.
9. Success is built on the blocks of failure.
10. Your abilities are perfect, and your confidence must mirror it.

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