Meet me on Clubhouse tomorrow at 5pm EST!

Are you tired of hearing that the reason you're not as successful in your business is because you are not ready?

Have you gotten over the training, certifications, designations, education, and join a bunch of groups and organizations yet are still not getting the results you want?

Have you done everything that you know to do to get ready... But still are not ready?!

Then you need to join me, Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell Esq, Monday at 5pm EST on Clubhouse as we talk about the Three Keys to Getting Past "Getting Ready"!

We will discuss the reason that the word "ready" is now a code word for "undeserving".

We will also discuss the limiting mindset that has led to your acceptance of being undeserving.

And we will explore the three ways for you to accept your worthiness of success and prosperity, so that you can blow past "ready" and manifest abundance in your business and your life!

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