It's all about perspective.

One person's problem is another person's power. Power is the ability to effectuate change. A problem is your ability to effectuate a change. But it's also a motivator to do so.

When things are going right, there is no motivation to do anything. There is no reason to change. But when a problem comes up, a challenge is thrown down.

Without some type of stretch, challenge, or problem, we just sit stagnant and wait. And just as stagnant water brings and breeds all types of issues such as mosquitoes and algae, so too does stagnation in our lives.

A problem stirs the water. A problem gets you moving. That problem moves and changes things. But some problems and issues require more power to create significant change than others.

If you throw a rock in a pond, you will see a ripple, but that same rock won't stir the ocean. Therefore you need more power - more prayer, more meditation, and more being in touch with the God - within to stir that ocean.

No matter how big the problem, you have the solution. You have a direct and open line of communication to the Mighty Problem Solver. "The Lord is my light... and my strength, whom shall I fear" translated means Love is my guide and everything I need. Therefore, I have no reason to see anything other than opportunity.

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