Why do people who know better get stung harder than those who don't?

This is the age or question as to why some people have it "made in the shade" and others really have a hard time.

The answer is simple. The world is totally incompletely congruent. You have up and down, left and right, right and wrong. So when you have knowledge of a thing, they requires responsibility for that knowledge. So those who know better are held to a higher standard because they know better. Those who do not know are not held to the standard because they do not have a standard.

Knowledge is a thing. You can't taste it or touch it, but you can work with it. It brings forth the things that we request in this life. Whether it is in our jobs or in our homes, knowledge allows us to act.

But wisdom dictates when we should act. And when wisdom kicks in when we are not sure if we should act.

Knowledge and wisdom go hand in hand. And so when we have wisdom and we exercise knowledge, good comes. It may take a little while, and we might have to go through a few things, but good is coming.

When we act without wisdom or knowledge then we have the opposite of good. We have mediocre. We have okay. We have "fair to middling".

No one lives to achieve okay. We live to achieve excellence. Not perfection, excellent. The difference is the excellent is beautiful life, perfection is someone else's definition of what a beautiful life is.

It will never be perfect, but life is always beautiful.

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