Truth is what it is. It is pure and unchanging. There is no reason to be angry about what things are. Rather it is an opportunity for us to change and therefore change what is.

I worked with a manager who at the beginning was amazing. She gave me great ideas and supported me in a way that I had never experienced. My love for her transcended the professional and although she was a few years older than I, we were on the way to a great friendship.

And then things changed.

I found a new position. And the old firm closed down. She chose to partner with another professional and they started their own organization. It took off much faster than she thought it would. And the free time she used to be able to spend with me evaporated like a drop of water on a hot pavement during the summer.

At first she tried to maintain the same level of contact and support with me. I did not want it to go away and so I turned a blind eye to the missed meetings and the promises that were not kept. But after a while I realized the truth. Things had changed.

She was no longer an employee. She was an employer. People relied on her for payroll and benefits. Her clients relied on her for service. The time that she used to be able to leave Work behind and focus on home and friends and a good time had now been severely cut back because of her new responsibilities.

I had a choice. I could acknowledge and honor the truth of what was or I could continue to not see what was in front of me. The latter would destroy our relationship. The former would empower and transform it. I chose truth.

To let her know that I did not take it personally, I continued to call and to just drop a text message from time to time to let her know that I was still out here. She knew what I was doing and appreciated it. I still update her on major life events and shifts in what I do, but our relationship has shifted too. Where she was once my mentor, now she is my friend.

Embrace the truth and eclipse the fear.

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