Your light never dims.

You were born a bright brilliant light, an eternal flame. You never dull, and you never lose your unique beauty.

No matter what setting you are in, you maintain your ability to bring amazing joy to it. Just as a diamond remains a diamond no matter what setting it is placed in, so do you remain brilliant no matter the setting you are in. Whether it is a palace in some far of land or an apartment that has seen better days, you are awe+mazing.

Whenever someone tries to tell you differently, don't get angry with them. That is the truth in their minds about themselves. Because that's the way they think of themselves, they are incapable of thinking about you any other way.

But you know the good news, the God truth. The truth that you are created magnificent and brilliant and every way. And that no matter what goes on around you or what happens to you, just as the diamond never loses its specialness, neither do you.

You would have to give away your value, you would have to degrade your own worth. And you know better than to do that. So don't do it.

Shine bright and let your flame burn forever.

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