Every person has the seeds of good and the seeds of bad within. We have a choice as to which we choose to water and to allow to grow. But we must also remember that those seeds obtain nutrients from other sources in the soil (run off), and sometimes the unexpected will pop up.

A mean word.
A harsh judgement.
An unconscionable act.

And they all come from a person that we know to be good and kind and loving and generous. We don't write off the whole person as being bad. We say that the person had a bad moment.

Just as the sea has many life forms, and we do not disparage the sea as being bad, we must remember that people are deep just like the sea.

The same ocean that brings forth the dolphin also brings forth the shark. The same ocean that laps against the beach on our sunny days also brings forth raging storms that result in shipwrecks. The same ocean that provides comfort and nutrients for healing also allows icebergs to form.

So rather than say that the ocean is bad, we say we must have knowledge of the ocean. We must respect the ocean's power and act accordingly.

We must do the same for people. We respect their power, we respect the knowledge that we have of them, and do not pretend that they are other than what they are. And we act accordingly.

So there is no need for fear when there is wisdom and knowledge. Both of which are born from faith and thanks-given.

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