Sometimes you just need to rest.

I'm not talking about sleeping. Sleep is a given, something we have to do every day.

I'm talking about not going where you usually go, where you're expected to be, and not doing what's been pressed upon you.

Taking time to just sit and listen to your own heart beating against your ribs. Feel the breath move in and out of your throat. Smell the dew in the air. Taste the lemon in your tea.

Rest is the best weapon against stress. Stress is fear. Fear of underperforming, fear of disappointing, fear of not knowing... But rest is release from all of it.

Rest reminds you that you have all the knowledge, wisdom, and resources to make great decisions. Rest resets your body, allowing you to do more than you dreamed possible. Resr rejuvenates your soul, directing your life path to all the good you desire.

Take the time to rest when you're stressed.

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Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell
over 1 year

That's how you do it Coach @Billie Crutcher!

Billie Crutcher
over 1 year

Thanks I needed this today. I am sitting in this space right now rest.